I am From the Stars by Tianglang

If I said that I came from a star known as Sirius Alpha, would you think it’s a silly joke or that I had gone out of my mind? Well, actually I was born on earth and raised in Japan, right now in my sweet 40s, my pen name is “Tianlang” and I even have an earthly name, Sumire Hashimoto.

So why am I claiming that I’m from the stars? It is because my origin is Sirius, and I chose to be born on earth for a purpose. You might be thinking, “What the hell are you talking about!!”

Of course, to assist the “Ascension of Earth and its people”

With these words Tianlang opens her book ‘I am From the Stars’ and starts to reveals from the very beginning her stellar roots and the role she sees herself playing. In this true story of one person’s perecption on a growing worldwide trend of alien influence the author reflects on her life and the events that have taken place aroun dher.

Book Details

Title: I am From the Stars
Author: Tianglang
Publisher: APPKEY; 1 edition (5 Oct 2013)
Langiuage: English

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Our Review

As we slowly move further and further into the 21st Century and the Aquarian Age an increasing number of people from all over the world are standing up and revealing themselves to be from another remote location in our Galaxy.

These are commonly know as Starseeds and most reveal that they are here on the planet in order to aid mankind.

Tianlang is one of those souls who come from Sirius and who have committed themselves to aid in the transformation of this planet by revealing the process behind planetary ascension. In ‘A am From the Stars’ she talks about her life and the difficulties that she has had to face as well as the personal inner traumas from struggling to come to terms with who she is and the role she has to play in this lifetime.

The author looks at the various aspects and implications of ascension and in the second part of the her book details some of the questions that she feels readers might have regarding their own Starseed qualities.

Summing Up
Despite the fact that ‘I am From the Stars’ is a somewhat unpolished and raw publication it nevertheless has a great warmth and charm. Whilst it contains no information about Sirius as such it is a very engaging story about one Sirian Starseed’s efforts to offer something to the world. It is honest and uplifting.

In the case of those Starseeds who have woken up, or been awaken, to their real roots without having a core of metaphysical teachings to ground themselves with will find this book to be a helpful and supportive resource.

A worthy read which we thoroughly enjoyed for its honesty and display of great strength of character.

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