It’s a Wonderful Afterlife by Kristy Robinett

If you have ever wondered whether the life of a top psychic is really the fun and frolics that it is painted then you only have to read the opening to Kristy Robinetts autobiographical account of her early years in It’s a Wonderful Afterlife: Inspiring True Stories from a Psychic Medium to discover that in fact opening up to the psychic world is not only challenging but also fraught with hidden dangers.

Kristy was only three years of age when her initiation into the spiritual world began following a meeting with the spirit of an older lady who informed her that her grandmother would soon die. Kristy told her mother the sad news for which she received a beating.

From that point forward the persistent efforts of her parents to turn Kristy into a more normal-functioning child only forced her to turn inside of herself for fear of their judgment at what she could do.

Thankfully she was helped through these tribulations with the help of the spirit of her deceased grandfather.

Years later, and following a successful career as a professional psychic, Kirsty has decided to openly reveal this previously hidden aspect to herself in a collection of stories and experiences related to the thousands of spirits that she has interacted with.

Some of those spirits have even shared information about the afterlife and the conditions rhat exist there.

One spirit guide shared with Kristy information regarding to what they refer to as the Heaven Chronicles. These are stages marked by a sequence of steps that are created to help the newly-deceased to become more integrated into the afterlife. The guide also revealed the sort of help and support that they can expect to receive early on upon their arrival.

Entering the other side is not, however, the end of the story as many deceased spirits actively engage in passing messages back through the veil and in to the physical life which they left behind. In her book Kristy offers some advice on how to stay on the lookout for signs that a loved one is trying to establish contact with us in our daily life.

Such signs include the surprise appearance of coins and trinkets – though rather interestingly Kristy explains that the deceased can also snd animals, birds and insects as totem gifts.

Other forms of communications can, according to Kristy, include electronic disturbances – such as phone calls, actual physical manifestations of a spirit, communications through misic in dreams, as well as other sensory stimuli.

Kristy suggests that we remain open to all of these experinces in our daily lives for as she says They want to share with you what a wonderful Afterlife it is ….


Coming to terms with the death of a loved one, never mind the prospect of our own demise, is easily one of the most challenging tasks we have to face in our lives.

This is a process that is made a lot easier once we recognize that life does in fact continue after death and that our loved ones are still available to us should we wish to stay in contact after their passing over.

Two strands of narrative weave their way through this book. Firstly, one which contains information handed over to Kristy by the deceased regarding the conditions in the afterlife and, secondly, the many psychic experiences that support the valuable spiritual information that is shared with her.

After all its always good to get supporting evidence regarding anything that a spirit tells you.

‘It’s a Wonderful Afterlife’ is an enjoyable read from an author who has a proven track record in writing delightful and heart warming books about the world of the psychic and paranormal.

This one is no different for it features the same high-quality narrative and fascinating insights that are featured in her other work.

If you are at all interested in what happens when we die then this is an excellent introduction to a world that few people are aware of even exists.

Stories from the pen of a professional psychic, interwoven with insights from the world of spirit, makes ‘Its’ a Wonderful Afterlife’ yet another first class book about the world of spirit from Kristy Robinett. It is not only fascinating to read but is full of valuable information which offers comfort and guidance to those readers seeking answers to many questions regarding the afterlife.