Opening the Door to the Worlds by Dr Anne Paxtor

Opening the Door to the Worlds provides horizon-shifting perspective and hope by preserving our reality from a cosmic perspective. Four huge themes are covered – energy healing, presented by the Basidians, a healing collective from Sirius; the nature of the Universe; up-coming earth changes’ and the purpose of life.

The author, a retired medical doctor, describes herself as the scribe to a number of beings from the spirit world, amongst who are her uncle, a past president of the ULs Royal College of Pathologists: her father. also a former medic: and the Basidian. Her style is light and witty. Once you have read this book you will see much very differently.

Book Details

  • Title: Opening the Door to the Worlds
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Basidian Publishers; 1st edition (22 Jun 2009)
  • Language: E
  • ISBN: 978-0956229007


  • Part 1 – A Little About Me
    • Chapter 1 – How I Got From There to Here
    • Chapter 2 – The Basidian
    • Chapter 3 – The Three Strange Angles
  • Part 2 – The Basidian System: Medicine for the 21st Century
    • Chapter 4 – Healing With Intention
    • Chapter 5 – Intuitive Thought
    • Chapter 6 – How the Basidian Work
    • Chapter 7 – Basidian Healing Proceedure
    • Chapter 8 – Methods
    • Chapter 9 – Final Thughts
  • Part 3 – The Earth and its Turbulence
    • Chapter 10 – The Nature of Earth
    • Chapter 11 – The Atmospheric Layers
    • Chapter 12 – Earth Changes
    • Chapter 13 – The Timings of the Turbulence
    • Chapter 14 – The Warming Cycle
    • Chapter 15 – The Solutions
  • Part 4 – The Nature of the Universe
    • Chapter 16 – The Nature of the Universe
    • Chapter 17 – The Workings of the Universe
    • Chapter 18 – The Inhabitants of the Universe
    • Chapter 19 – Parallel Universes
    • Chapter 20 – Universal Love
    • Chapter 21 – Cosmic Travel
    • Chapter 22 – Unconscious Information
    • Chapter 23 – The Eohm From Onhm
  • Part 5 – The Evolution and Development of the Soul
    • Chapter 24 – The Developing Soul
    • Chapter 25 – Change
    • Chapter 36 – The Lessons of Life
    • Chapter 27 – Life Afetr Life
    • Chapter 28 – Last Thoughts


In 2003, Dr Anne Paxton, author of Opening the Door to the Worlds, received the first of many messages from a group of supra-conscious entities from Sirius whom she came to know as The Basidian. Already disillusioned with the modern approach to health care Dr Paxton was burnt out and ill from the stress of working in an environment which was slowly strangling and distorting her natiural healing skills.

She was sub-consciously looking for an alternative but at that time she could never have imagined for one moment the extra-ordinary turn of events that brought her into direct contact with the Basidian — an extra-ordinary group of extra-terrestrials.

This book is a summerization of some of the exchanges that occurred between them along with a record of some of the astral travelings and astral images that Dr Paxton received of the planet Earth.

In Conclusion

To even the most blinkered and casual of observers the human race is in trouble – BIG trouble. Psychologically we are messed up and the place that we call home, namely planet Earth, is in an even worse and more perilous state.

For some time I used to hope that the ETs would land and save us. Well, as I have now conlcuded, this is simply not going to be the case! We have to pull this around ourselves – and the job is not going to be an easy one.

However, if the accounts in Dr Annie Paxton’s book are to be believed, the ETs are here and, while they are not directly involved in human affairs, they are working hard to stabilise the planet just long enough to enable us to find some solutions for ourselves.

‘Opening the Door to the Worlds’ is by no means a comforting read! In short it tells it exactly as it is. Noveretheless there seemingly is some hope to this terrible situation which confronts us all. Either we move ahead into Ascension or we continue along this same well-trodden path and experience total annihilation as a planet and ultimately perhaps, as a species.

The material for this book was compiled some years back and if other accounts are true then humanity is at last opening up to possibility of surviving this rather delicate set of conditions. I hope that this means that some of the more dire predictions of the Basidians published in this book will no longer come true.

Whilst this is a book that touches upon planetary healing it is primarily about personal healing. I had thought that I had read most of the more contemporary material on healing but this book actually introduces some new ideas and concepts that were not familiar to me. In this era of Quantum Physics it is interesting to note that some of the Basidian techniques (which can be found for free on Dr Paxtons website touch upon some of the principles of the new physics.

This is a warmly written book through which the sense of humanatrianism of the Basidian shines through. Some of the adventures that the Sirians took the good doctor on are astounding though some, sadly, are only touched upon relatively briefly. I would have liked to read more about her astral journeying through the stars. Nevertheless her descriptions of the pockets of dark negative energy extending out from the surface of our planet are priceless – as indeed are the accounts of the Sirians work in trying to negate the effect of these areas of dark energy upon the climate.

All in all this book is a stark reminder of the dangers that confronts us over the next few years. That is not to say that it is depressing or fatalistic – indeed quite the opposite for as the Basidians are keen to tell us we all do have the power to make a difference to the future of oursleves and our universally cherished planet. To lose our home will have a tragic knock one effect to the rest of the Soalr System and beyond both physically and spiritually and if the Sirians have anything to do with it they are at the forefront of te battle to keep the ship afloat and all its passengers safe.

I would urge you to support all of these efforts and the work of Dr Annie Paxton by buying this book either through her website or via our Amazon link. Its an important book with an equally important message for the whole of mankind.

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