Secret Rituals of the Men in Black by Allen H. Greenfield

Book Contents

  • Introductory Remarks by Jonathan Sellers
  • Introduction
  • The Role of Ritual in the UFO Mystery
  • ASHTAR – Angels, Demons or Men In Black?
  • The Mitchell Sisters
  • New Age or New Aeon?
  • Enoch and Mutan Mion
  • Who Decides What You Can Know?
  • How to Open – or Close – A Star Gate
  • Ritual for Calling Down Oannes
  • The Egyptian Connection
  • The Ultraterrestrial Origin of the Masonic Fraternity
  • Oannes, or John the God in Freemasonic Legend
  • The Sign of the Fish and the Fish-God From Sirius
  • “Higher Degree” Freemasonry and the Ultraterrestrial Legend
  • The Ultraterrestrial Trail in Other Degrees
  • The Central Password -The Dream of H1331
  • In Summary – A Radical Revision of the History of Planet Earth
  • The Rocket Scientist & the Guru – Stargate 1946

    Epilogue – the Cipher Trail in the Book of Babalon

    Postscript – the Stuff of Dreams

    APPENDIX ONE – Terry R. Wriste on the Ultraterrestrials

    APPENDIX TWO – Identifying Aliens


    About the Author

    Book Description
    Secret Rituals of the Men in Black is a bizarre collection of disparate and fractured comments that weave in and out of context at will. If anything in the way of a common thread exists at all within this book it is that the author attempts to connect the mysteries of the Men in Black to secrets related to the Star Sirius – its denizens and influence through freemasonry and Aleister Crowley’s principles of Thelema.

    As it main thrust shifts in and out of view it staggers between a Gematria (New Aeon English Qabalah version) interpretation of that publication central to Thelemic philosophy – the rather enigmantic Book of the Law, and rituals to the Higher Guardian Angel. To anyone not well-versed in these subjects this will be a book that irritates and confounds.

    Later on in chapter 8 the reader is presented with a ritual that the author proposes to be an invocation to the Sirian fish-god Oannes. In this procedure several god forms are called forth; including, I might add; Ashtar (He of Space Command), Orthon (an ET George Hunt Williamson once met in the desert), Aiwass (the voice behind the Book of the Law), LAM (a grey alien Crowley met and painted) and rather interestingly V.A.L.I.S. (Phillip K Dicks Sirian computer from his science fiction story of the same name).

    Finally the author then closes by introducing the reader to John the Baptist, the glyph of the Fish (also experienced by Phillip K Dick) and the ancient symbol the Vesica Piscis before looking deeper into the higher degrees of Freemasonry and their integrated knowledge of ancient star lore. The book finally concludes with consideration of the Babylon Working by Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard and the likelihood that the existence of ultraterrestrials from Sirius being related to the Men in Black,

    Summing Up
    Whether you think this book is fictional twaddle or insightful illumination will be determined by your own disposition towards the likes of Crowley, the Book of the Law (which not every Thelemite accepts to be a holy text) and Gematria. However, the argument that there is a secret Sirian presence on Earth – and it is one with similarities to the ideas of Jim Keith (see Saucers of the Illuminati’) is largely unproven here. With greater clarity of argument and more expansive reasoning this book would have so much more to offer the reader. On the other hand, one might argue that as this information draws in such high powered esoteric information over which some secret societies have a firm and jealously guarded hold, then it is best left cryptic and unrevealed.

    Quite frankly this is a difficult book to rank but I’ll be generous and say that without deeper and more fulfilling research it is at best rather ‘unsatisfying’ as a read. That is not to say that it is without merit for I feel that its core argument is sound – despite being largely unproved.

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