Seven Cups of Consciousness by Aleya Dao

Everybody’s Soul purpose manifests in different ways and at different times in their lives.

For healer Aleya Dao, it occurred in the middle of a sound healing session during which a bright light enveloped her and her awareness shifted into a higher realm.

It was an experience that she describes in her book Seven Cups of Consciousness: as …simultaneously overwhelming, empowering and comforting.

Less than six months later, her whole life had changed for the better and in previously unimaginable ways.

During the intervening period, Aleya was forced to clear away many aspects to her life but, and with the help and loving support from her angelic guides, she was eventually able to integrate within herself the energies of higher consciousness that enveloped her on that fateful day.

Some fourteen years later Aleya has distilled her experiences drawn from the daily audio meditations that she produces and monthly webinars in which she has helped thousands of individuals find peace and joy – as well as from working with higher forces, into a single transformative process that she has called the ‘Cups of Consciousness’.

Each chapter of her book features each step of seven fundamental concepts, or cups, that comprise the process.

Each one is based around a metaphysical principle and she includes a story about how each one evolved, some specific exercises the reader can try out for themselves as well as information on the results that you might expect to attain from practising them regularly.

The basic principles of each ‘cup’ are as follows:

First Cup: You Live in a Multidimensional Realty

In opening the sequence Aleya refers to such concepts as the Divine Line, the Higher Self and the Divine Spark that resides within us all.

In this first stage of spiritual transformation she unifies all of these concepts and offers them as an opportunity to form a powerful connection between oneself and the higher realms.

Second Cup: You Are Never Alone

This level of teaching proposes that we are all surrounded by beings of love and light. Aleya refers to them as your Team – a personal support group who can aid you in whatever psycho-spiritual work you decide to undertake.

Third Cup: You Can Change Your Inner World

The core principle at work at this level is the idea that what we connect with inside of ourselves is ultimately then manifested in the outer world.

Here Aleya suggests that it is important to grow your own inner contentment, be responsible to your Self and to strive to meet your own needs.

Fourth Cup – Your Challenges Can Help You Grow

In the fourth cup the Aleya examines various approaches that we can take in order to learn from and to ultimately dissolve our challenges and personal difficulties.

This section also includes advice on how to move from a state of poverty into one of abundance.

Fifth Cup: Your Body is a Nature Spirit

In Seven Cups of Consciousness, Aleya Dao refers to the existence of your body deva – a consciousness and collection of energetic fields that are separate from you.

She explains how it is important to learn to respect this part of ourselves and to work closely with its energy for, as she explains, it plays an important role in creating and manifesting our life.

Sixth Cup: Your Soul Has Wisdom and Inner Gifts

There are four aspects to this cup all of which relate to your recognition of, development of and usage of, the unique gifts that are held within the sphere of your Soul and which you can share with the world.

Seventh Cup – You Are Perfect

The three steps that underpin this stage are learning how to connect with your essence, how to love that same essential element to yourself and how to relinquish control of those things that are not yours.

Once again, this is achieved by working directly with your Team and Higher Self.

Towards the end of her book Aleya also talks offers her thoughts on empathic sensitivity—a concept which she feels flows through all of the seven cups. She describes it as being part of a process in which we become more aware of our own feelings as opposed to those being radiated by those around and which we may inadvertently tap into and think of as being our own.

In closing her book Aleya offers information on how the reader can find out more about her work and where to obtain free copies of her exercise meditations and online classes.


Aleya Dao has taken the core metaphysical principle that a line of energy exists which runs down through our bodies from the top of our heads to the earth beneath our feet and developed it to formulate a dramatic and highly impressive body of spiritual teachings.

Having had the opportunity to work with the book over several weeks, to absorb its advice and follow its instruction and practices, I can unequivocally state that what this book has to offer is truly impressive.

Each of the stages in Seven Cups of Consciousness build upon what has gone before so that by working through each one you gradually, and safely, build-up the necessary levels of light and power that are required to bring about transformation within yourself.

After following the exercises and visualizations that the author recommends – particularly for connecting to your Higher Self and your Team of guides, I found that I got some very impressive results within just a couple of practice sessions.

These internal shifts in energy have indeed resulted in small shifts taking place within my daily or mundane reality and many previously niggling and unsurmountable problems have begun to dissolve away.

In addition to the theoretical material contained in the book the anecdotal stories taken from Aleya’s personal consultations are equally fascinating, and at times very moving; whilst the metaphysical teachings that accompanies the main body of practical work is explained in a simple and straightforward way.

Very few other books on practical occultism that I have worked with over the years have been this interesting, balanced or effectual.

I feel that because of its almost universal appeal – to practicing occultists, magickians, spiritual-seekers and those first opening up to the power of their divine selves means that a real opportunity exists here to use a form of mental magick that is truly effective in our modern Aquarian Age.

In short, it has never been quite so easy for me to award five stars, or book of the month status, to a publication that is quite as superb as Seven Cups of Consciousness by Aleya Dao for a very long time!

Seven Cups of Consciousness holds an energy, vitality and power that very few other spiritual teachings achieve. In short, it is a spiritual classic and a publication that no-one in the field of spirituality would want to be without.