Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss

All spiritual and religious traditions openly accept that there is, surrounding us – and yet at most times unseen, a parallel world of spirit that interweaves with our own and which occasionally even interpenetrates with it.

For thousands of years we have been conditioned to believe that it is only initiated members of our spiritual communities that have the qualities necessary to enter into a state of intercourse with this world leading most people to fail to recognize that each one of us is a multi-dimentional being and that we can, and do, receive communications from these inner worlds all of the time.

In his book Sidewalk Oracles, Robert Moss redefines the way in which we can understand those strange, synchronous events – experiences that occur when we enter into a momentary state of harmony or resonance with the Gods, Goddesses, spirits, totem beasts and angelic spirits who are forever seeking our attention.

Moss presents his reader with a new term to describe the art of interpreting guiding events. He refers to it as Kairomancy, after the Greek, fleet-footed God Kairos.

Kairomancy, as he describes it in his book is …divination by special moments or ,,,making magic be seizing those special moments.

Twelves Rules of Kairomancy

In his guide to perfecting the skill of recognizing and interpreting these events, Moss provides his reader with a powerful twelve-rule framework – one that that encompasses the type of open-hearted spiritual vision that we need in order to grasp the essence and deeper meaning behind Kairos moments.

These rules range from establishing an understanding of the quality of the energy that we radiate, acceptance that we live in a world teeming with spirit, the need to look for opportunity in all set-backs, reaching out and embracing our Gods, strengthening one’s creative powers and remaining open to all new experiences.

Games We Can Play

Throughout his book Robert Moss re-enforces his belief that we do not have to remain as simple, passive observers in the Kairomantic experience.

Instead, to understand the role that omens, totems and synchronous events play in our life we have to take concerted action.

Once again the author advises on how the reader can achieve this through a series of seventeen games – fourteen of which one can play by ourselves and three of which he advocates we play with others.

The first of these playful activities is Sidewalk Tarot – a process in which you either interpret the world around you in terms of a Tarot card or by projecting the theme of a Tarot card outwards into your immediate environment to see what it returns to you.

Moss advises that a similar process can be employed based around your nightly dreams.

Other games that he recommends include listening for telling sounds, snippets of conversations on the street and odd verbal expressions in broken conversations.

In addition to using the Tarot the author also advocates other forms of less orthodox divination systems such as divining an answer to questions using bibliomancy – sometimes by consulting a sacred text or even with something more mundane such as a dictionary.

Life in the Air Age

Later on in Sidewalk Oracles Moss describes how so often during his life he has experienced his most significant events as well as important personal encounters whilst traveling – usually by plane or whilst sitting in airports.

He also describes the role that one particular animal, the fox, plays in the world of omens and inner world events. Whilst not always a symbol of good fortune this wily creature can play a viral role in its presentation to us of characteristics such as craft and cunning, camouflage and humor.

He concludes Sidewalk Oracles with several anecdotal stories and recollections of his own encounters with foxes before closing with a personal call to his reader to Start your day like a kairomancer.


It is always a genuine joy to read anything new by Robert Moss and Sidewalk Oracles reminds us, and lets face it most people need reminding, that we live in a richly vibrant and exciting multi-dimensional world – one which is more stimulating and energizing than anything offered up to us by our pre-digested and over-manufactured fantasy world, form of TV entertainment.

Sidewalk Oracles is a rich book – one that is delightfully well-written. It is full of dark veins of mythological themes, accounts of personal experiences provided by other colleagues and students of Roberts as well as short, practical exercises which the reader can easily follow.

Those who know of the sort of work that Robert Moss does will not be surprised by the depth of understanding that the author shows in this book regarding Shamanic states, dreamwork and Jungian psychology.

If, however, you are new to his work then I would suggest that this book is an excellent place to be aquatinted with one of our foremost magickal thinkers and Shamanic practitioners.

In his utterly absorbing collection of insights Shamanic visionary Robert Moss opens a doorway into a world that speaks to us through totems and cryptic messages. Anyone seeking a renewed sense of personal vision, or wider spiritual perspective on life, will find in ‘Sidewalk Oracles’ a book full of dramatic insights offered along a journey of vibrant exploration into a dimension of magick and wonder. that interpenetrates us all.