Spiritual Alchemy by Jenny Tyson

During the last week of May 2013 magickians Jenny and Donald Tyson attempted to contact the spirit of the Elizabethan occultist and alchemist Dr. John Dee (1527 – 1609) using a homemade spirit communication board.

Their hope was that by making a connection to these legends of occultism they would glean a deeper understanding of Dee”s life, work and in general, the practice of Enochian Magic.

The couple spent a few moments focusing upon a portrait of Dee and then invited him to make himself known to them.

The response was immediate and the first communication through the Ouija board last just ten minutes during which time they focused upon identifying Dee as the real deal voice behind the communications. This was confirmed by the spirit leaving them a cryptic message to decipher.

A Continued Relationship

In Part one of her book Spiritual Alchemy Jenny Tyson describes the spiritual journey that she took – both in preparation for her spirit channeling work but also in trying to learn more about the secrets of John Dees and Edward Kelly’s Enochian Magic system.

Initially the work – if it was to progress, required that she received some astral healing first. This was administered by Dee’s partner Edward Kelly and his friend from the same era, and also in spirit form, David Blackburne.

Following this initial period the real magical training commenced.

Angels and Spirits

The first Enochian spirit to avail itself in aiding the author was Annneal – an angel which functions as an esoteric gatekeeper.

This was then followed by Bynepor and the whole operation was overseen by Gabriel.

Later on the author describes how she was then introduced to her own Higher Guardian Angel.

Following a deeply challenging period of Kundalini energisation Tyson then started to work on passing through the Seven Seals. This started with the planetary seal of Saturn and through the other inner planets until culminating with the Sun.

In an alchemical sense this progression marks the attainment of the process of transmutation from lead into gold.

Magickal Tools and Techniques

In the second part of Spiritual Alchemy Tyson considers some of the specific techniques that are used in spirit communication work along with other related occult skills and paraphernalia.

This section also includes; an explanation of why spirit communication is natural, the effect that diet has on the spiritual body, use of sigils, meditation and heart work, scrying and an examination of the different stages in psychic development.

The book closes with some final comments from Tyson’s mentor and guide Edward Kelly.

Our Review of Spiritual Alchemy by Jenny Tyson

Spiritual Alchemy is a book that is as fascinating as any book on Magick and spirit communication that I have read over the past four decades.

In short I found it to be a truly remarkable account by an equally astounding practitioner of magick and the sacred arts.

Written in the most engaging and absorbing context imaginable the story that the author weaves regarding her involvement with the spirit of Edward Kellly is spell-binding throughout, terrifying on occasions and never anything less than entertaining.

In the introduction to the book the author states that she does not consider herself to be in any way a writer. I think she does herself a disservice for between herself and her husband Donald they have written one of the most intriguing accounts of magick in print today.

Sadly the book slightly disappointed me by not covering more details about the Enochian system itself along with Dee/ and Kelly’s perspective on it after all these centuries. However the reason for this omission is referenced later on in the publication.

So if you love a good psychic detective story, are fascinated by the process of spiritual initiation at the hand of the angels (and my doesn’t! the author’s resolve get tested to the very limits of physical and psychic endurance) then this is a book that will excite your senses and leave you reeling in admiration for the work that Jenny Tyson has performed in the name of magick.