Spiritual Regression for Peace and Healing by Ursula Demarmels

Our previous lives effect us more deeply in this lifetime than we actually realize. Sometimes, when working on self-healing or a journey of inner exploration it is often useful to look back into our past for help and guidance on the correct way to move forwards.

For many though, the question is – where does one begin to unravel the mysteries held within previous incarnations?

Ursula Demarmels is a regression hypnotherapist who enjoys near celebrity status all over the world as a result of her popular TV regression documentaries.

In her book Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing: Discover Your Life Mission Through Past Life Exploration she describes, in detail, the regression process; how it works and what a patient can expect from a session of hypnotherapy.

In opening the book she takes the reader through the very basics of regression; including questions related to the fact that we do live a sucession of lives and that most of us at one time or another wonder what we were, or what we did, in a previous life.

Ursula explains how in any lifetime we are always accompanied by a divine guide – a sort of personal angel, who can manifest in a variety of forms. Sometimes they appear during the course of a regression session in order to offer help, support and useful insight.

Seemingly, less mature souls tend to get more guidance from a spirit guide than those who have experienced many incarnations – they tend to get along under their own steam.

Different regression specialists use different methods for moving their clients into a state of deeper awareness of their earlier lives. With some being able to take their clients deeper into their soul memories than others.

Yet, all of them work to help individuals to resolve inner conflicts – problems which may not have their root cause in this lifetime but in an earlier one.

Clients often have other reasons for approaching a reggression expert and it is popular for some to want to understand more about their previous lives as a way of developing spiritually or in coming to terms with any karma they are carrying with them into their current incarnation.

Ursula offers a great deal of practical help to anyone interested in entering into a regressed state. This includes help on how to prepare for a sitting, working with all interested parties to determine which lifetimes’ factors are best to work on and sometimes to retrace the journey back to re-examine an earlier death scene.

As Ursula also explains, as we experience our previous life experiences during a regression with such clarity and emotional feeling it is helpful to prepare for the experience beforehand.

The most important aspect to this work is that anyone who enters into a regressive state is aware that its function is to unearth the material necessary to make better, or more informed, choices in this life.

As clients enter deeper into the regression therapy the more philosophical become the issues that emerge.

Ursula deals with many of these questions in her book; issues such as those connected to karma, previously violent deaths, reincarnation with others – even with animals, residual conditions of illness and pain and the current role that a soul has chosen for you in this incarnation.

In the final section of her book Ursula includes stories of twenty cases of regression that she has had worked on over the course of her professional work. These include transcripts of the dialogues that took place between her and her client at the time.

Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing closes with a summing-up of the benefits that regression therapy can bring to a patient including the most important one of all which is to discover exactly what your currents lifes mission is and how you can fulfill it.


In exploring any sort of psychospiritual work it is imperitive that you work with close reference to some type of context. For most most people their spiritual beliefs offer such a framework – but what if you do not have any?

This is where regression therapy is so valuable for, by discovering for yourself those factors and conditions that you have brought into this world, it becomes a lot easier to discover the way forward and the path that you need to follow in life.

Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing is by far one of the best books that I have read in a very long time to actually describe the mechanics of regression hypnotherapy.

For those who find the idea of unearthing their previous lives exciting but whom remain somehat daunted or frightened by the prospect then this is a book that is guaranteed to put you at your ease.

Imagine, if you will, that you have approached Ursula, or any other regression therapist for that matter, for a pre-regression consultation.

Exactly what questions would you like to ask them but are afraid to? What spiritual insights do you feel that you need before you start? Are challenged by the prospect of drowing in a sea of spiritual mumbo-jumbo?

In fact, you will quite naturally have a thousand and one questions on your mind and thankfully in Spiritual Regression for Peace & Healing you are presented with answers to most questions that people have – all of which makes for an excellent guide to the regression practice and the benefits that a client can accrue from it.

It is also a beautifully narrated account by someone who, despite her fame and status in the world of spirituality, evidently remains very grounded and closely connected to the needs of her clients.There is a lot of genuine love and support coming from this book and I would recommend it whole-heartedly to anyone who is interested in the opportunities for spiritual growth that regression therapy so evidently offers.

Spiritual Regression for Peace and Healing by Ursula Demarmels is THE book to read about regression therapy. It presents the subject in a clear and easily understandable way – devoid of the mumbo-jumbo and psycho-babble that often surrounds the subject. Within its pages the reader is, instead, treated to one valuable set of spiritual insights after another. You don’t get this depth of learning from most holy books!