The Artist and the Alien by Dena Blatt

Dena Blatt’s book ‘The Artist and the Alien’ is a true story. It begins with a “teacher” from the planet Sirius who has lessons for us all.

In 1970, while living and working on Earth, he selects an artist to paint past civilizations that have destroyed themselves, and offers an antidote: compassion. His message warns us, even as it conveys hope-as Earth and its inhabitants go through the “shift”. The vehicle of this message is Shirlè, a Canadian woman who grew up feeling “different.”

Looking like us, and using the cover of electronics repairman in a second-hand shop, the alien called Frank, prepares his student for her future mission (should calamities befall the Earth). For two years he personally guides her in her psychological, spiritual and artistic development, and gives her on leaving, various artifacts including eight copper plates inscribed with his alien writing. Afterwards, she and her art are forever changed.

The author delves into the metaphysical/UFO relationship; the connection of guidance with synchronicities; the “Indigo, wanderer, star-child” traits of the artist Shirlè; and our inevitable spiritual evolution as we go through the “shift”. The true story of Shirlè Klein-Carsh poses universal questions regarding exterior forces and the cataclysmic direction the world is taking. Can it be reversed or is it inevitable?

Book Details

Title: The Artist and the Alien

Author: Dena Blatt

Paperback: 268 pages

Publisher: Outskirts Press; First edition (August 31, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1432712853

ISBN-13: 978-1432712853

Book Contents




PART I: The Alien and the Artist Shirle`

Chapter 1 – The Strange Man in the Secondhand Store

Chapter 2 – Getting to Known Him to Final Acceptance

Chapter 3 – To Be a Serious Artist

Chapter 4 – Arne

Chapter 5 – Her Nest and Most Important Mission

Chapter 6 – Somewhat Similar Contactees

PART II: Why Shirk?

Chapter 8 – Factors Leading Up To Contact WIth Frank

Chapter 9 – The Art Factor

Chapter 10 – Personality and Character Factors

PART III: Life After Frank

Chapter 11 – Yannish

Chapter 12 – The Dark Night of the Soul

Chapter 13 – Fred – “I Know You”

Chapter 14 – Animals, departed Souls and Aliens

Chapter 15 – “Missing Times” in Nevada

Chapter 16 – Art Exhibit in Brazil

Chapter 17 – The UFO, NDE and Metaphysical Relationship

Chapter 18 – Realizations

AFTERWORD – What’s it All About?

Chapter 19 – The UFO and Alien Presence

Chapter 20 – Actions by Serious Prominent People

Chapter 21 – Implications of the UFO Phenomenon

Chapter 22 – Aliens and Prophecies

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Our Review

Whilst the UFO and ET community whips itself into a frenzy over YouTube video, disclosure projects and giovernment whistle-bowers there have been a large number of extra-terrestrial contactees who have actively engaged with the phenomenon on a daily basis. Some of these have had regular contact experiences with Earth-based extra-terestrials, more commonly referred to these days as ‘starseeds’ going back decades.


Dena Blatt’s book ‘The Artist and the Alien’ UFO researcher Dena Blatt presents the case of one contactee who, back in the early 1970’s was mentored by an extrra-terrestrial who identified their place of origin as Sirius.

Over the years the relationship between them grew and this publication is a personal, or biographical, account of the events that took place in the artist’s life.

A Fascinating Story

Dena Blatt’s book ‘The Artist and the Alien’ is a well documented account of an ET connection that interweaves itself into the daily lives of those concerned. Dena Blatt offers the reader the opportunity to follw and understand the real, and often devastating, impact that alien contact can have on a person.

Whilst not heavy on metaphysical of esoteric content does contain some really interesting insights into the technology of the Sirians and how it was employed even as far back as 1970. It also includes reproductions of the artists’ work – images that are clearly influenced by her extra-terrestrial experiences.

Summing Up
This was a highly enjoyable book and is one that deliberately attempts to break out of the rather hackneyed format for ‘alien contact’ publications.

The author has put a great deal of thought into adding further information regarding the UFO/ET phenomenon that she feels a reader of her account would want to have answered. As a consequence the later stages of the book is a valuable resource that provides further insights, comments and clarification of the many subjects raised.

I thoroughly recommend this book to those looking for a lighter and more human side to alien contact and a more personal understanding of the presence of Sirians on this planet. I am greatly looking forward to further publications by its author.

Our Rating

About the Author

Dena Blatt

Dena Blatt is an award-winning writer who was born in a small town in Ontario, Canada, one of seven children of immigrant Russian Jews. At the age of 24, she emigrated to California, became a U.S. citizen and started her American career in the medical field. From 1957 to 1959, she lived and worked in Israel, where she met and married a survivor of the Sobibor death camp. They returned to California and had two children.

Blatt’s interest in metaphysics, UFOs, extraterrestrials and the paranormal was spurred by experiences from her childhood but heightened dramatically upon meeting Shirlè Klein-Carsh in 1996. Since then, she has become a passionate student of the genre leading her to write the book The Artist & the Alien. This is her first published writing on the subject of aliens.

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