The Chaos Protocols by Gordon White

Now that the New Age of light is increasingly taking a hold of this planet and energizing the very core of our being of everything on it so the society of which we are all members is beginning to radically alter.

One of the greatest changes that is being felt at this time relates to our relationships both with each other and to the fundamental values that we hold.

One of the greatest shifts we are witnessing is in regards to finance for in many ways money is the glue that holds our connections to one another in place; as well as determining the value that we place upon ourselves.

A New Financial World

We are being pulled a little deeper every single day into this newly-emerging global economic reality. How we adjust to it is vitally important and in his book The Chaos Protocols popular Chaos Magick, blogger Gordon White explores our various options.

White is known for his outspoken views on a variety of topics as well as for his concerted attempts to cut through to the heart of any matter – no matter how challenging the subject might be.

This approach shows in the opening to his book for here he lifts the lid on the real global financial challenges and stark realities that society is starting to have to face.

In short, White believes that the money is running out and that for an ageing population – most of whom have been stripped of their assets by successive political regimes and who are struggling to retire with a means of support, the future is going to be a challenge.

White argues that if we are going to survive then we must utilise out psycho-magickal skills.

Magickal Tools

White shares with his readers a number of magickal techniques which he believes can be used to strengthen one’s financial situation.

Some of these techniques are a fusion of various schools of magickal thought; including Egyptian, Greek, witchcraft, chaos magic and esoteric Christianity.

Most relate to various aspects of self-initiation as well as solitary occult work but occasionally also touch upon darker aspects of the occult universe such as Luciferanianism, the Lovecraft Mythos and the Typhonian Tradition.

After all, no one knows what our spiritual future will bring and we might well be advised to prepare to cover all Magickal bases.


This is a book that confronts the darkest aspect of finance and magick – a place where quite often similar dynamics reflect one another.

In this regard The Chaos Protocols is a bit of a roller-coaster ride taking its reader into sudden and totally unexpected terrain.

Sometimes this works but sometimes, unfortunately it does not. Where it confuses the reader is in the calling up into the account old magickal techniques and then by applying them in a setting that actually requires new and dynamic approaches to the problems that he identifies.

Chaos Magick aught to provide a form of consciousness that connects to the new, unfolding cosmic energies – but sadly White’s brand of occult magick looks, feels and sounds very much like digging up old gods, dusting them off and pretending that we always respected their input and influence in our lives. In many regards it is these same gods and mode of thinking that got us into this financial mess in the first place.

So, for me, the magick on offer here does not feel contemporary with the main thrust of the book.

Having said that though, once you take out the parts that do not work you are left with a rather enjoyable read. It is certainly a mind-stimulant within a rather ignored and under-explored genre of spirituality.

If you can make the magick work then all the better. If not then there is more than enough here to keep you interested and engaged.