The Gathering by William Gambill

Source: The Gathering
Author: William Gambill

Parts of this book will work like a spaceship some of you, the vehicle into a that I mentioned is, a subtle experience in which one senses a felt relief, or felt shift. Some of these encounters may prove to have spiritual or even scientific significance; they may not. It may be that their sole purpose is to subvert the mash the rational worldview by keeping mystery alive. If so, that’s enough. But let it be understood. These events, waking or sleeping, and not subjective. That is, my conscious mind does not create them. They do not belong to me in any conventional sense; they happen to me. Always, I seem not to be having an encounter but seeing one in which I am involved.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • The Gathering
  • In the Days and Weeks That Followed
  • Who Are They?
  • Why Are They Here?
  • Illness and Disease
  • Your Part in This Whatever It Is
  • The Dream Well
  • What You Will Feel and What You Do About It
  • The Problem Is Credibility
  • A Universe of Intent
  • On-Board Surgery
  • From the Pond
  • Quantum Beings/ Multidimensions and End of Time
  • Spirit/ Ego: the Noble Experiment
  • Synchronicity?
  • The Holographic Universe
  • Spirit and Matter
  • Karma and Reincarnation
  • Angels
  • The Surrendering
  • The Piano Dream
  • Message from the Greys?
  • The Great Shift
  • The Ascension
  • Merkabak/ Lightbody
  • Brain Surgery
  • From Greece to Grace, the Cleansing Process
  • End of Karma/ Birth of Compassion
  • The God Within
  • Mandala
  • My First Four Billion Years
  • Together Again
  • Brain Surgery Ii
  • God Is an Outlaw
  • Appendix 1: A Meditation
  • Appendix 2: A Brief Glossary
  • Index

    Our Review
    ‘The Gathering: Meetings in Higher Space’ is a collection of journal accounts and channelled messages that began on the 23rd April 1996 following a UFO experience by the author.

    By all acoounts this was no ordinary UFO event but one from which extra-terrestrials declared their presence in his life in dramatic and powerful ways.

    Written as a timed narative the account of the channelled material that he received from a group of star-beings from Sirius is a story of spiritual evolution and illumination as well as an indepth account of the core spiritual questions of our age.

    The material follows the usual pattern for this type of book including as it does issues related to metaphysics, earth changes, the emerging new world, fifth density shift and DNA development. It is wholly consistant with other teachings on the same subjects.

    Where this book is quite different from many others of its type is in the honest approach that the author takes towards the impact his experiences with the Sirians (whom he calls ‘The Brothers’) has had within his life.

    Whilst many writers have spoken openly about the raising of personal vibrations brought about through contact with star-beings very few of them have honestly portrayed the nature of the challenges that are experienced along the way to enlightenment. We live in a unique age – one in which we are not only challenged to open up spiritually but at the same time we are confronted with the delicate process of DNA reworking – a long, painful and deeply disturbing effect that brings with it immense challenges of their own.

    William Gammill takes the reader along on his own particualr roller-coaster of personal hells as he reveals the deep problems that his continued contact with the Sirians brought with them. This includes loss of close personal relationships, estranged friends, periods of illness brought about through bodily changes, depression and life generally falling apart. It is an unnerving realisation that occurs when one rawakens to the fact that the pathway to star consciousness is a hard, painful and highly costly one.

    However, I do not wish to paint an impression of this book as one of darkness and dispondancy for it is not. It contains a great deal of good, sound practical advice on a whole range of spiritual topics with questions specific for those of us trying to handle the powerful energy-raising vibrations coming in at us from Sirius in particular. In fact, the book is so openly and emotionally written that the reader is left feeling a lot less alone for all the personal pain that they themselves are also in all liklihood also going through.

    In short, I thoroughly recommend ‘The Gathering: Meetinsg in Higher Space’ as an absolutley essential read as it forms a refreshing panacea to the raft of ‘peace, love and harmony’ New Age waffle on the subject of personal transformation currently on the market today. This is real nuts-and-bolts stuff and whilst we do not learn a great deal from it about Sirius or the Sirians as a collective it contains some real nuggets of insight into the changes in DNA that they and other star-groups are infusing into the consciousness of many people at this current time.

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