The Lion Path by Musaios

This book reconstructs in modern terms a shamanic and theurgic way of spiritual regeneration which was one of ancient Egypt’s most closely guarded secrets though traceable beyond the mists of recorded time. This doctrine reakised that humans were actually incomplete larval forms that can develop higher stages of evolution and consciousness. Using this method one endeavours through the use of resonant meditative sessons, in conjunction with time windows, to activate a superbiological process. This process of higher initiation leads to the transformation of mind and body, fulfilling the prophecy ‘Ye are gods in potentia’.

This edition includes the latest findings in the method and practice of regeneration. The new material includes ‘The Thirteenth Rainbow and the 28th Cycle’, ‘ The Sothic Triangle’ and the nine special sessions beyond the 27th Sothic Sessions, with a powerful new option of nine more. Special sound patterns and consciousness techniques are then resonantly deployed in this approximately ten year adventure of permanent growth and life-enhancement. Lion-Pathers will need this edition since new findings have updated the timing of the Sothic Sessions for many of the cycles.

Book Details

Title: The Lion Path: A Manual of the Short Path to Regeneration
Paperback: 173 pages
Publisher: Golden Sceptre ublishing (4th Enlarged Edition)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0-9615117-0-2

Book Contents

  • Foreward
  • Prologue
  • 1. Why Now?
  • 2. Toward Beyond the Plutonian gates
  • 3. Some Specifics on Time Doors
  • 4. Periods of Dominance of Ruling Classes
  • 5. Knowledge and Death in Ancient Egypt
  • 6. The Process of Regeneration
  • 7. Sothis, Sacred Pregnancy, and the Darl Companion
  • 8. The Unbroken Chain of Weekdays and the Fourteen Sessions
  • 9. The Sothic Sessions
  • 10. Rare Crisis, Rare Remedy
  • 11. Resonantly Assisted THeurgy
  • 12. Super-Biology Again
  • 13. Envoi
    • I. First Rainbow Cycles and Dates
    • I. A. First Rainbow Sothic Session Dates
    • II. The First Fourteen Sessions in Graphic Form
    • III. The Sothic Sessions Graphed
  • 14. Some Practical News
  • 15. Sirius Talk
  • 16. The Cycles of the Second Rainbow
  • 17. The Post-Sothic Experience
  • 18. Unheard Meoldies
  • 19. Summery
    • IV. Second Rainbow Cycles and Dates
    • IV. A. Second Rainbow Sothic Session dates
    • V. Post-Sothic Session dates
    • VI. Thirteenth Rainbow Session dates

    20. The Cassette Program

  • 21. The Essence of the Lion Path

Our Review

The Lion Path by Muscaios has undergone several updates over the years. The final 5th edition was published in 1996 by House of Horus and included a restructuring to the material as well as some additional information for disciples of the Lion Path.

The edition reviewed here is the 4th or 1989 edition that was published by Golden Sceptre Publishing.

The Lion Path was originally an ancient process of spiritual regeneration that was practiced by Egyptuians Kings and members of the royal houses. It essentially formulated a process by which the vital force in the human body could be strengthened and human cosnciousness raised to such a point that contact was possible with the star Sirius and her envoy the Goddess Isis.

There is a great deal of circumstantial evidence to suggest that this tradition passed through antiquity and became the foundation for the initiatory process that underpins Freemasonry. Indeed, fusion with the star may well underpin the essence of the 33rd degree of Masonry – the highest and most revered level of Masonic attainment.

In the book ‘The Lion Path’ the author Muscaios (or Charles Muses as he was originally named) explores the concepts that underpin the Ancient Egyptian initiation process and reveals the process that initiates deep genetic recoding in the initiate. However, the process that underpins The Lion Path is closely related to the orbital periods of Sirius A and B causing stargates, or windows of time, to open up enabling the traveller to maximise the work required to gone through the initiatory process.

Unfortunately this rare window of opportunity was only open for a limited time culminating with is final manifetstaion of the Sirian Ray energies in the late 1990s. This is not to say that the Sirian Ray is no longer active – it is just that for a period in time specific doorways opened up offering mankind the opportunity to completely re-orientate itself to the powerful energies of Isis.

The complexity of the Sirian calendar that Muscaios developed for his students in their Lion Pathwork is staggering and I for one struggled to get my head around its significance. I guess it is one of those things that you need to be actively engaged in to thoroughly understand. Nevertheless, the concepts revealed in this book regarding the Egyptian mythos regrading death and resurrection (of which Sirius plays a primary part) are fascinating and actually reveal a great deal of the mysteries related to the actions of Annubis in the 70-day embalming period (the time when Sirius disappears below the horizon) and the importance of the death of Osiris and the transition into the body of light personified as Horus.

As I say earlier, The Lion Path as described by Muscaios has closed so I do not wish to convey the impression that this book forms anythong other than the context of being a historical document. It would be fascinating to discover how successful the students of Muscaios were those two decades ago in travelling the Light Oath to Sirius but sadly these are not details that are recorded in this book.

The book features images and tables throughout, is well written and well-presented. The concepts are well-argued and as a consequence very convincible. Sadly I cannot say whether the concepts actually work or not but the basic metaphysical theories are sound.

Despite this I found ‘The Lion Path’ to be an absolutley fascinating account of what could well be one of the most important discoveries related to the esoteric secrets of all time. Quite frankly I would recommend any serious student of the deeper spiritual dynamics of Sirius to get a copy of this book at the earliest opportunity. All editions are out of print and prices of second-hand copies are rocketing – maybe they are being bought up by Freemsons looking for some real insight into their secret, esoteric order.

Our Rating: [rating=4]

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