You Are Becoming a Galactic Human by Virginia Essene and Sheldan Nidle

You Are Becoming a Galactic Human by Sheldon Nidle The author of this work claims to have been contacted by the Sirian known as Washta who has given him information about the world’s history and genetic origins. Here, he provides details of our galactic ancestry, the qualities of the photon belt, our place in the evolution of the Lemurians, Sirians and other extra-terrestrials and the place that awaits us in the galactic community. The book examines Biblical events and the prophecies of the Hopi and Maya in the light of Washta’s information, reveals the spiritual hierarchy of the time lords, and includes maps, tables and charts.

Book Details
Title: You Are Becoming a Galactic Human
Author: Virginia Essene and Sheldan Nidle
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Spiritual Education Endeavours Publishing,U.S. (31 Mar 1995)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0937147087
ISBN-13: 978-0937147085

Book Contents

  • Chapter 1 – In the Beginning

  • Chapter 2 – Photon Belt

  • Chapter 3 – Photon Belt – Questions and Answers

  • Chapter 4 – The Photon Belts’ Effect on the Human Body

  • Chapter 5 – Earth’s Forgotten History

  • Chapter 6 – From Atlantis to the Great Flood

  • Chapter 7 – After the Flood

  • Chapter 8 – God and Guardianship

  • Chapter 9 – Galactic Human Civilisation

  • Chapter 10 – Lyran/Sirian Culture and Your Human Destiny

  • Chapter 11 – The Galactic Federation

Our Review

It has been some 16 years since I first bought my copy of ‘You Are Becoming a Galactic Human’ by Virgian Essene and Sheldon Nidle. Quite a lot has changed in the intervening period including the change of Sheldons’ name to Sheldan – the latter being the name to find him under if you are looking for him online.

Given the seismic shifts in consciousness that have been taking place since 1995 I thought it was time to take the book down off my shelves, give it a dusting off and a completely fresh evaluation

Our Changing World
‘You Are Becoming a Galactic Human’ contains messages that have been channelled from a small group of beings from Sirius. The more prominent member of this group is a Sirian called ‘Wastcha’ who answers some of the more challenging questions posed of the group by the channeller Virgina Essene. In the early pages of the book Sheldon Nidle reveals how he has been over-shadowed by the Sirians from a very early stage in his life.

In its day this was indeed something of a ground-breaking book and in many ways established the format for the evolving genre of publishing chanelled messages from intergalactic beings.

Since its first launch we have seen an exponential rise in the amount of material that has been made available from cosmic intelligences. A great deal of it has dealt with the themes of Earth climate changes, the growth of human consciousness, 2012 and associated extra-terrestrial subjects such as the proposed mass landing of UFOs. All of these events are, or so we are told, a warning to humanity of impending changes around the turn of the 21st century.

One of the Bible millenium references regarding these ‘end times’ – warns of a sudden influx of ‘false prophets’. Indeed, this is perhaps the most accurately prophetic of all for as the energies of the Higher Planes densifies and opens itself up to our physical domain the likelihood of us being bombarded with outward confusion and discrepancy increases exponentially.

Accuracy of channelled information is absolutley crucial and it is totally encumbant of the channeller to ensure that the sources are authentic and that the material is transcribed accurately. Mis-leading the reader on any of these important and pressing topics must be avoided at all costs.

Most channellers are aware of the pitfalls and dangers inherent in passing on unrerifiable information – but some are not. Sadly, ‘You Are Becoming a Galactic Human’ falls into this category.

The Photon Belt
In UFO lore this book has become somewhat notorious for producing one of the greatest blunders in New Age writing. The error stems from the second chapter in which reference the authors make to a galactic phenomena which came to be known as ‘The Photo Belt’.

This belt, or ring, of photons was said to be anchored by Alcyon – a star of the Pleiades and that its imapct upon planet Earth as we moved towards and through it was predicted to have catastrophic consequences for a ‘dark’ period of three days before we emerged from it to find our Solar System closer to the star Sirius than we previously had been.

Whilst the concept surrounding the proposed existance of this cloud of cosmic matter did not originate with Nidle and Essene they were responsible for establishing the concept in the minds of many gullible New Age disciples and soon the Photon Belt became the flavour of the month – a little like 2012 is today.

The fact is that the Photo Belt does not, nor has it ever, actually existed. The calamities that the authors of ‘You Are Becoming a Galactic Human’ and their Sirian guides advised them would definately be happening between Spring 1995 and the last months of 1996 never happened. The prediction that we will in fact end up closer to Sirius by 2012/13 in any case has yet to be proved either way.

In Germany ‘You Are Becoming a Galactic Human’ was retitled ‘Der Photonenring.: Nachricht vom Sirius’ such was the theme central to the channelled material. The German version was actually ‘updated’ in 1997 – presumably as a way of explaining away the errors made with the original books hypothesis. For some reason the English versions remained unaltered.

A Question of Integrity
Any suggestion that a mass of space debris would shift the whole of our Solar System into a quite different part of the night sky aught t have rung some VERY loud bells in the minds of the writers. As it was this did not happen and as a consequence the whole integrity of the book was massively undermined. This could have been avoided with a little astronomical research at the time but I guess the story was just too good not to include.

There is a great deal to be asked about this book and its authors. Their Sirian guides seriously let them down on this one – or did they?

I ask this because once again we are faced with a book of channelled material that contains themes and references seemingly guaranteed to scare the heck out of its reader. You see this time and again in many books on this and similar subjects. Is frightening us into getting off our backsides and saving ourselves the real point behind this I wonder?

Anyway, I digress. As a book in its own right ‘You Are Becoming a Galactic Human’ is not at all bad. It contains quite a lot lf interesting material on Sirius, the Sirians and the organisation of their community structures.

It also reveals the political makeup and construction of the Galactic Federation and the place that the Sirian Council has within it. It deals with past Earth history – the alternative view of it anyway, the influence of God through the Etheric Planes and tidbits on the Atlantean civilisations.

Of course, the real point is – can any of it be believed after the momunmental faux pas that surrounded the Photon Belt. Quite frankly, I leave this up to you, dear reader, to make your own decision.

Lets just be generous for the moment and say that some of this material is relatable to other sources whilst some of it is not. Either way I would say that its worth grabbing a second hand copy of ‘You Are Becoming a Galactic Human’ and finding out just what the heck ‘false prophets’ can sometimes come up with.

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